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via Depresja na wesoło.
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Ty wiesz, że to dla Ciebie. pożycz je sobie na swoją zupę. 
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Hello, here is how to unfuck and make it usable again.

1. Launch Notepad as Administrator (Start -> type "Notepad" -> right click -> "Run as Administrator".)
    THIS IS IMPORTANT - if you run the Notepad normally you won't be able to save the file.
2. Press "File" -> "Open"
3. In the "File Name" field enter the path below:


(note: this may be different depending on the version of Windows you're using - just Google for "hosts file" if the following path doesn't work)

4. At the end of the file (in a new line) paste the following.

5. Save the file. If you can't save the file you're most likely not running Notepad as an Administrator. Refer to step 1.
6. Go to your soup profile (in the browser) and press Ctrl+R. If it looks normal - congratulations, you did it!
8. Enjoy your unfucked soup!
Also join our discord!
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